Make money from the deck chair this summer?
Yes, you can. If you upload your lectures and offer them digitally, your customers can buy and watch the content just when it suits them. So while you lie and sunbathe, you can also inspire someone at home in their living room. Just when it suits them. đŸ€©
This is how it works!
On VOYD, you easily create a free channel page, upload as many videos as you want and decide the price and availability yourself after a purchase. Then your customers can buy access to your videos whenever and wherever they want.
Of course you own all your content!
We are a platform that wants to make it easy for you to reach out digitally. Get another leg to stand on. And the videos you upload on VOYD, it's yours. 100% your ownership. Upload and delete however you want. Well, you get it.
We handle the payments for you.
Here, your customers can pay with everything from Sofort, MobilePay, PayPal etc. And we take care of all handling. On the 1st of each month, you only approve all purchases made and then we pay the amount to your account. Clear!
You keep 80% of the revenue

Well, we think like this, it’s you who do the work and it’s your material.
Then we think itÂŽs most fair that you also keep most of the income yourself.
In addition, it costs you nothing to use us. ItÂŽs only when someone buys access to your videos that we retain 20% of that revenue, while you retain 80%.

We know it may sound “too good to be true”. But it is true. That’s how we work.
We only succeed when you succeed!

80 procent av intÀkten pÄ VOYD
This is how it works at VOYD

Our philosophy is simple.
We are built with northern roots in Sweden where simplicity is in focus. We want it to be easy for you and easy for your customers to use us.
Do you have thoughts, are unsure or want to know more. Well, then you just contact us.
We are living people who are driven to help you with your video business.
1. You create your own channel
See your channel as your digital home! Here you decide what your channel should be called, upload a background image, have a descriptive text about what to find on your channel, and of course the opportunity to link to your other channels.
2. You upload your videos
It doesnÂŽt matter if you only have one or several videos. Upload, determine title, put descriptive text, what it should cost and how long it should be available after purchase. Bam! Done!
3. You promote your content
Then you have to go out and tell people what you offer. Use your social channels to reach out, run a newsletter to your customer base. Share, spread and talk.
4. Your customers buy access
When your customers then want to buy access to your videos, they can easily pay with Sofort, Mobile Pay, PayPal, Bank card etc. and then have the video in their account for the entire period of validity.
5. You see sales in real time
Of course, you can also follow your sales in real time and get contact information for your buying customers if you want to communicate with them, in addition to the comment function on your videos.
6. You get paid every month
On the 1st of each month, we compile your sales for the previous month. All you have to do then is look through and approve. Then we pay your money into your account within about ten days.
Here's some of our most used features

Here, at VOYD, you can use several functions to create additional sales.
You can also create memberships for your customers, bundle several videos in one package, sell at discounted prices or use value codes that unlock your content.
Are you missing a function?
In that case, get in touch. We love to hear your ideas and wishes and to develop the platform together with you!

Medlemskap VOYD
Membership service
Here you can create membership on your channel and let your customers subscribe to get access to your content on an ongoing basis. This way we can help you get rolling income every month!
Package offer
You can also bundle several videos into one package. Then your customers can either buy access to a video separately, or get more at a discounted price.
Value codes
Once youÂŽre back from vacation and lecturing again, you can take the opportunity to sell gift cards with value codes during the breaks for your digital lectures here.
May we become your new colleague? đŸ€
You know, thatÂŽs how we think. That we become colleagues who help each other. You do what you do best, and we do what we do best. And when we help each other, it becomes a fantastic teamwork!