What is VOYD?

VOYD is a dynamic platform enabling content monetization through both subscriptions and Pay Per View, broadening creators revenue streams. Designed for global reach and ease of use, it appeals to both dedicated subscribers and casual viewers.

Why is VOYD important?
There are over 300M creators world wide, half of them have joined since 2020. 76M of them are video creators. This is not a short term trend – it’s a disruptive shift in power. From big media enterprises, to the people. The creator economy is booming, but the sustainable business models and revenue streams are still missing. Only a small percentage of all creators earn enough money to fund their own content creation.
We are transforming viewer support into sustainable revenue
It’s clear that the tide is turning: Our research indicates that over 30% of online viewers are not just passive consumers; they’re willing to pay for exclusive content and actively support their favorite video creators. VOYD capitalizes on this shift, providing creators with innovative tools to add diverse revenue streams beyond traditional ads. By enabling direct contributions through our platform, we’re tapping into a new vein of creator economy, ensuring that every creator has the opportunity to thrive. Join us in redefining content monetization – the results speak for themselves.

Be the change,

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We're inviting forward-thinking investors to be part of this lucrative movement. With VOYD, you're not just investing in a platform; you're championing a new era of content creation and consumption. Let's build a sustainable future for creators together — your investment in VOYD is an investment in the transformative power of the digital age

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