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There are a bunch of tools, resources, & tips out there for growing on YouTube & most of them are

focused on optimization & that's great.

But in this video, we are not talking about optimization, we are talking about fundamentals for


If you want to get 100, 500, 1000 subscribers on YouTube, you can take short-term decisions like

following trends, trying to create a viral video, advertising your videos, or using "clickbait-titles"

None of these things is wrong per se, but if you really want to take YouTube seriously & get more

than just 1500 subscribers, I have 3 tips that have helped me tremendously along this journey in

order to maintain my growth & not get burned out after 2-3 years.

1️⃣ Creating processes/checklist/systems

Your brain is like a car. It's optimized for decision-making, creative thinking, & processing

information. It's not created for primarily storing information. Just like a car filled with things, your

brain will require more power from you in order to perform tasks, if it is filled with information, "to

do"-s & unfinished thoughts. Checklists (or processes or systems) make it easier for you to focus,

ensure quality by not missing critical steps in the process & help you create during mentally tough

or busy periods.

2️⃣ Take care of your body

When I stopped playing hockey the first time, a couple of years back, I thought that "non-physical

activities" (like video editing) didn't require a healthy lifestyle or a lot of sleep. I was wrong.

I was able to sleep less, but that didn't mean I was more productive.

If you take care of your body, sleep well & consume healthy food, you will notice that your energy

level & concentration will increase drastically & also be more even throughout the day.

Book I recommend to read on the topic:

"Why we sleep" by Matthew Walker

3️⃣ Priorities

Try ending your day by writing down your top 3 priorities for the next day.

Then title that list "I get to do this tomorrow". These two actions will help you let go of work

(because you already have your priorities ready for the next day), start the next day with the right

task & also appreciate the tasks you have instead of seeing them as requirements.

(When prioritizing, ask yourself if a task really is important or just urgent.)

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Keep learning & have a nice day!

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