Nordic Light - A Midsummer Night Concert with Kraja
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All ages • 54 min

With unique consistency and precision, four individual voices melt together into one unison body. Kraja have created their own musical universe - meditative, captivating and poetic - that has spellbound audiences and critics alike. Welcome to this online Midsummer Night Concert - Kraja will sing into your home from the meadows outside of their hometown in northern Sweden accompanied by the nordic summer light. 

Kraja are - Linnea Nilsson, Lisa Lestander, Frida Johansson and Eva Lestander

Video - Ogräs Streamingstudios

Sound - Daniel Nygaard 

Photo LisaLove Bäckman

We give a special thanks to Kullar & Klang in Vännforsbäck, Sweden for allowing us to record the concert at their venue

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