Charge for your content
We recognise that it might be difficult to put a price on your material. Which is why we are happy to give you tips and advice on the matter, using our data and insights. If you want further advice still, feel free to book a demo with one of our Creator Success Managers!
Content is still the king

Maybe not so surprising, but oh so important; the content goes before price.
If it is interesting enough or exclusive (it doesen´t have to be more effort doing the content, it can be that you only have it here on VOYD for example), it will be enough for you to be able to charge for it.

Let your True Fans decide
With our Pay What You Can feature, the viewers decide what they are able and willing to pay. This can help you get an idea of the average price for future sales.
Give your viewers something extra
Give them something extra, such as behind the scenes, outtakes, or advance access to material. This is well worth paying for!
Don’t forget to share!
You have 100% of your target audience in your channels, and this is where you reach your True Fans. Promote your content in all channels so that no one misses it!
Baitbox youtuber VOYD
Baitbox beat their income by 300% after one week

Well, it may not work like that for everyone. But it’s a good example.
The boys with Sweden’s largest fishing channel were also nervous about starting to charge for their videos. But when it was time to release their more elaborate fishing film, they felt they wanted to get paid at least a little for all the time they had spent.
And BOY, did they get paid…
After only ONE week, they surpassed one year of revenue on YouTube, where they have had over 1 million streams.

Trailers on their YouTube channel
Baitbox gave a taste of what was coming and started preparing their followers for the fact that this would actually be behind a paywall. And they explained why.
Continue with free content
They still continue to create free content, as they have always done, for their other channels, where it can be consumed for free. To maintain the relationship with all their fans and followers.
Explain and discuss
They speak with their followers and letting them ask questions. They explaine why, in a clear manner. And how do their followers respond? By supporting them, and loving the fact that they spend even MORE time making their fishing films.
Upload more videos

If you have several videos or audio files, the opportunity for sales obviously increases. In addition, you can then package them if you want and sell some, or all of it, in a discounted package. This way you can create more sales.

Feel free to book a demo with one of Creator Success Managers. They’ll be happy to explain and answer any questions!



Your followers prefer to pay for longer content

We have interviewed over 1000 people and over half of them stated that they were ready to pay for longer videos from the creators they follow.
In addition, they are willing to pay for podcasts, audio and shorter videos etc. However, it´s important that the shorter videos feels exclusive in that, for example, they are only available to those who pay, or that they are released for paying followers before everyone else.

  • 54.2 % can pay for longer content
  • 30.1 % for podcast or audio
  • 22.2 % for shorter videos
  • 18.6 % for pictures
  • 12 % percent kan pay for files
Start a membership service

If you feel that it takes too much time to produce longer or more exclusive content constantly, then it´s perfect to start a membership service.
Then you can offer members the chance to, for example, watch all your YouTube videos before everyone else (requires no extra from you), see exclusive shorter clips or bloopers only shown here, while you produce and release a new longer or more exclusive video later (which then included in the membership).

Who doesen´t love to feel exclusive or to be first on the ball? ⚽️
And a perfect way for you to generate revenue every month!

Set up a free channel
A new way to share your content and a new way to make money from your passion. And it doesen´t cost you anything, so why don´t you just try it out. Who knows, maybe you get a steady income from it... 🚀