Maximize Sales with Pricing and Packaging
Creating a winning strategy for pricing and packaging your videos can feel challenging. But don't worry! Here you can read about the options available and find advice on choosing the best strategy for your content.
Four Ways to Package Your Content

You can sell your videos with a fixed price, a pay-what-you-can amount, in a bundle, or as a membership. Each way has advantages, so test and experiment to find a strategy that works best for you.

Fixed Price - Tailored to you

A fixed price is a simple and effective strategy that involves setting a specific price for each video, which means you can tailor the price to the content and target audience.

Pay What You Can - Bigger reach

With Pay What You Can, you allow your followers to pay as much or as little as they want. It’s a great option if you want to reach a wider audience and make your content more accessible to more people.

Membership - Recurring revenue

Your followers pay monthly to access your videos. If you have many videos or frequently upload new content, it’s a great choice for creating recurring revenue.

Bundle - Increase Your Sales

You group several videos together and sell them as a package at a discounted price. The viewer can see your videos at a lower price while you increase your sales.

Higher quality = Higher price

When monetizing your content, price and quality go hand in hand. The higher the quality of your content, the more money your followers are willing to pay. Higher pricing can also reflect your expertise and the value you offer your audience.

Safe for You and Your Followers

Your followers buy access to your videos with secure and well-known payment methods, and you retain up to 80% of the revenue, including VAT, and a small fee of SEK 2.70 per transaction is charged.

Each month, you will receive a summary of your sales, and with a simple approval, you’ll have your money within 10 days.

Your followers want to pay

Are you ready to make money from your creative work? A survey shows that more than half of the interviewees are willing to pay for longer videos from the creators they follow. Additionally, many are willing to pay for podcasts, audio, and shorter films.

Baitbox youtuber VOYD
How Baitbox began to charge

Sweden’s largest fishing channel Baitbox was worried about beginning to charge for their videos. But when they released their first big production on VOYD, they quickly realized that the time and energy put into production would be worth it – after just one week on VOYD, they had exceeded a whole year’s revenue on YouTube! This is how they did it👇

1. Prepare your followers
Baitbox used YouTube to tell their followers what to expect on VOYD and explained why they chose to charge for their most exclusive content.
2. Don't ditch your primary channel
Having a VOYD channel doesn't mean you should stop publishing content on your main channel. It is instead a complement where you publish premium content.
3. Talk about VOYD often
Continuously talk about VOYD and why premium content is behind a paywall. Baitbox experienced only a positive response after starting with VOYD.
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