VOYD for theatres
Bring you audience to the digital stage and reach those you would otherwise miss. Let your audience enjoy entertainment at their own convenience.
Borås Stadsteater VOYD

We noticed that several other theatres and stages were using VOYD, which gave us immediate confidence in them.
What especially appealed to us was how easy it is to use the platform, for us as well as for the audience.
Our goal was always for the audience to easily be able to enjoy performing arts.

Sofie Karlsson – Marketing Director, Borås Stadsteater
Reach out to a wider audience
Not everyone is able to visit the theatre as often as they may want. Give them the opportunity to watch your performance whenever and wherever they choose.
Treat them to something special
Treat your digital customers to something special. Maybe let them join you backstage, watch an exclusive interview, or just get a bit closer.
No quality compromise
Our audio and visual streaming are both of the highest quality, and you can be sure that your digital audience will not miss on anything!
The stage for a digital age™
VOYD for creators
Free VOYD channel
Free video uploads
You own your content
You set your price
Keep 80% of your income
Swedish support
Promotional code system
Premiere date
Completely ad-free
Customer data
Real time sales
Automatic encoding
VOYD for viewers
Completely ad-free
Swish payment
Card payment
Supports all devices
Use your preventive care allowance (friskvårdsbidrag)
Free account
Swedish support
No subscription
Let your performance run 24/7

By complementing your physical performances with digital ones, you can entertain viewers 24/7 without geography standing in your way!

Streamingkanal VOYD
Don’t forget your digital fans and customers
Don’t forget all your customers and fans who may not be able to travel to a physical location. Offering a digital solution translates into customer orientation.
Treat them to something special
Treat your digital customers to something special. Maybe let them join you backstage, watch an exclusive interview, or take a sneak peek behind the scenes at rehearsals.
Turn a small investment into bigger earnings
Since you already have the sound, the lighting, and the crew in place for a physical event, adding a camera man for digital presence will cost you very little.
Marie Customer Success VOYD

There are so many possibilities with a digital performance. Obviously, it can never replace a live one, when you’re right there and can take in the atmosphere.
But supplementing with digital presence enables you to also reach that new mom who is sitting at home breastfeeding, unable to leave, or that someone who always dreamed of seeing a performance with his favourite artist but was never able to afford it.

Marie Huvén, Head of Customer Success at VOYD
Artist VOYD
What you can do on VOYD

Here are some of the features you can use on your own VOYD channel.

Fixed price or Pay What You Can
On VOYD, you can either set the price of your content yourself or let your viewers decide what they are willing and able to pay.
Premiere date
Do you want to start selling before the material is available? It’s the perfect way to increase sales and create hype! Your viewers will be presented with a clock counting down to the premiere.
Value codes & promotional codes
Would you like to offer a promotional code for your content or value codes that unlock it completely for a selected few? Piece of cake. We’ll help you!
Ticketmaster, Tickster, or someone else?
Do you want to sell tickets via a ticket agent like Ticketmaster? No problem! We collaborate with several of them, and if there is someone missing, we’ll solve it!
Hybrid events
Are you selling tickets to a physical performance? Add digital tickets and stream your event to enable more people to enjoy the show!
Package deal
Do you have multiple videos you want to offer in one package (e.g. a series or several different theatres)? You can easily create an offer that lets the buyer unlock the videos included in the package.
Set up a free channel
Supplement with a VOYD channel. Reach out to all your customers and give them just a little more. World class customer service!
1. Create your channel
VOYD is completely free, and we only charge a small fee for completed sales. We only succeed when you succeed.
2. Upload your content
You retain all rights and set your own price. We take care of the rest, including customer service and payouts.
3. Start making money
Market your content and track your sales. Easily transfer your income to your account once a month.