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VOYD is not meant to replace your other channels, but to your True Fans™, it has proven to be a successful complement!
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Compliment with VOYD

Many creators use VOYD as a “cinema window” for those who wish to access content before everyone else, a pre-release. Other creators successfully publish extra material, bloopers, new concepts, and more elaborate videos.

Your brand – your rights
At VOYD, you own 100% of the rights. You don’t have to rely on income from advertising or collaborations but can fully focus on doing what you do best! And make money on your passion and efforts.
Exclusivity sells
If you have a channel where your followers can enjoy your content for free, this is a huge opportunity to create exclusive material for your most devoted followers. They want access to more and are willing to pay for it
Create your cinema window
A successful way to introduce your content is to offer the opportunity to preview, for example, a vlog, which eventually will be posted on YouTube. Completely ad-free and ideally with some additional material!
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Beat YouTube by 300%

Baitbox has one of Sweden’s largest fishing channels on YouTube. They found a winning concept by combining it with VOYD and putting more exclusive material behind a paywall.

After only ONE week at VOYD, they surpassed a whole year of revenue on Youtube, where they have had over 1 million streams.

Baitbox youtuber VOYD
Invite you True Fans™ to your home
Your True Fans™ are curious about you, your life, and your day-to-day routines. Give them one day of your life, something special, and let them get to know you even better!
Give your followers the chance to enjoy your content before everyone else. Your True Fans™, the most loyal ones, will watch and support you.
Do something new!
Why not do something totally different? Do you offer inspiration in interior design or automotive? Give a course or a lecture. Give the audience something new!
Podcast + video = True
Since you’re already recording your podcast, add a camera and offer your fans both audio and visual... They will love it!
Explain why
Explain to your followers that this will enable you to continue providing good and interesting content. They’ll understand!
Your time is valuable
Feel proud of what you do. Just like other creators and entrepreneurs, you should get paid for the effort you spend.
Set up a free channel
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