Life beyond fear

Life beyond fear

Karina Hollekim was one of the worlds best extreme sports athletes. In 2006 she miraculously cheated death in a near fatal accident and was predicted a life in wheelchair but came back a winner. 

Karina shares her story about those moments that change our lives forever, about raw willpower and passion. 

She inspires us to be targeted, Karina is a living proof of the importance of little changes and how they make a difference in the long run. 

By raising awareness of our choices she challenges our willingness to change. She shows the importance of stretching your comfort zone to achieve your goals. 

Karinas incredible journey, her gripping story about struggle and resilience together with her indomitable spirit makes a story to remember.

Karina will share her story about choosing her own path and exploring it – no matter if the exploration is from the tops of mountains, or simply within herself. Her incredible journey will dare attendees to dream again – and inspire them to go out and chase those dreams. “