Unlock steady earnings with Memberships

On VOYD you can effortlessly monetize your videos through membership. Enable your followers to subscribe to your content for a monthly fee and enjoy the comfort of consistent monthly payments.

Start right away!

The membership feature is available to all users. As soon as you launch your channel, you can create your membership and start recruiting members. No need to upload any content before you launch.

Flexible pricing

You can have a fixed price or let the customer choose what they can pay per month. With a variable price range, you choose the lowest price and then it´s up to the customer to decide the amount.

Recurring revenue every month

Because your members subscribe to your membership, the fee is automatically deducted from your customers’ account every month. This way, you get a steady income month after month.

Your gateway to a global video business

Building a global business can be challenging, but not with VOYD. We've simplified the process, allowing followers and customers worldwide to easily become members and subscribe to your channel.

Empower your audience to support your work
Our studies show that more than 30% of online video viewers are ready to pay for exclusive content and want to help their favorite creators financially. A growing number of video creators are now adding more revenue streams on top of the ad-based reach platforms. You will be amazed how well it works!
Combine membership with Pay Per View content
Pay Per View (PPV) can be a game-changer for content creators as it provides an alternative for audiences who aren’t ready to commit to a monthly fee. It opens up your content to a wider audience, allowing casual viewers to pay only for what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. This flexibility increases your reach and revenue, ensuring that every view counts and contributes to your bottom line.
Steady payouts every month
Getting paid should be straightforward. That's why we take the complexity out of transactions, allowing you to stay immersed in your craft. Whether your content is consumed on a Pay-Per-View basis or through subscriptions, we ensure that your earnings land in your account promptly and without hassle each month.

Get started today!

We offer flexible plans that fit everyone - from single creators to global companies.

Tailored for you who want to quickly try charging for your content
0 €/month
30% commission fee*
Up to 20 videos
No commitment, no montly fee
Join for free
Your own channel on Voyd.tv
Sell at a fixed price, as a monthly membership, package, or let the customer decide the price
Charge with credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any of the other 60+ payment methods
Sell your content globally
Fast support by email for you and your customers
Fast and easy payout every month
*Excl. transaction fee of 0,3 € per payment
For you who want to take your creative business to the next level
Let's customize your pricing together
Unlimited number of videos
No commitment, cancel any time
Contact Sales
Everything in Free plus:
Your own page without VOYD branding
Choose between light/dark theme
Short, user-friendly URL
Showcase videos in Collections
Voucher codes
Additional subscription features like Trial
Prioritized support
...and much more!

FAQ – Membership

Here you will find our most frequently asked questions about Membership. If you´re still wondering about something, just get in touch with our support team.

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