We have the tools you need to level up your video business

We offer you a powerful toolbox to add a new revenue stream to your video business. Add VOYD.tv to your mix as a monetization tool on top of your other revenue streams. Create your own streaming service for your customers We have the features you need to increase your income and get paid for videos and audio files

Video & audio for sale

Besides videos you can also upload and sell audio on VOYD – perfect for podcasters whether they have video or not. Your listeners can download the VOYD app and listen to your podcasts with the screen in locked mode.

Accessibility after purchase

You can control for how long your customers should have access to your content after purchase. For 48 hours, two days, a week, or forever? That’s entirely up to you.

Trailer & preview

By giving your audience the chance to preview your content or uploading a free trailer you help them sample the content before purchase and this will increase your sales.

Schedule your premiere

Create buzz and interest for your content before you release it to the world. By scheduling your premiere for a future date and building up interest and hype through marketing you increase buyer interest and sales.

Gift cards

Let your customers purchase access to your content as gift cards so you can reach a wider audience. When someone likes your content that much that they want to give it to their friends and family it’s a true stamp of approval!

Support for everyone

We are here to help you succeed and make the best use of the VOYD toolbox. We also handle the support for your customers which takes a heavy load off your shoulders
Take control of your content
At VOYD there are no algorithms that decide the visibility and reach of your content. You own the rights to your content and you decide how you want to price it and how to market it. With our simple, graphical editor you can easily set up a channel that feels like you and best promotes your content. In the Pro tier you can also hide the VOYD branding and choose between light and dark theme.
Organize your storefront
If you have many videos you will want to organize them into what we call collections to better help your customers find what they’re looking for. On the Pro tier you can also bundle several videos or audios together and sell them as a package, or make them available for a monthly subscription fee. Make it easy to get paid for your videos and audio files!
Offer an Ad-free, premium viewing experience
Let your followers and customers feel that they are visiting your streaming service and let them stream your content without annoying ads or suggestions for other things to watch. This more intimate relationship with your audience creates a stronger bond between you and allows you to go all in on your creative vision.


Your path to stable monthly earnings

At VOYD, you can quickly set up membership for your followers and customers. A perfect feature for you who create content continuously. In this way, your customers can subscribe to your selected content for a monthly fee, you receive recurring income every month, and your customers can enjoy your content continuously and without advertising.

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We offer flexible plans that fit everyone - from single creators to global companies.

Tailored for you who want to quickly try charging for your content
0 €/month
30% commission fee*
Up to 20 videos
No commitment, no montly fee
Join for free
Your own channel on Voyd.tv
Sell at a fixed price, as a monthly membership, package, or let the customer decide the price
Charge with credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any of the other 60+ payment methods
Sell your content globally
Fast support by email for you and your customers
Fast and easy payout every month
*Excl. transaction fee of 0,3 € per payment
For you who want to take your creative business to the next level
Let's customize your pricing together
Unlimited number of videos
No commitment, cancel any time
Contact Sales
Everything in Free plus:
Your own page without VOYD branding
Choose between light/dark theme
Short, user-friendly URL
Showcase videos in Collections
Voucher codes
Additional subscription features like Trial
Prioritized support
...and much more!

Tools & features

Maximize your earnings with our efficient tools and features! Whether you´re a beginner, entrepreneur or a seasoned content creator – we´ve got what you need to succeed in selling and getting paid for video and audio content.